Event Schedule : “LAVAN PHERE” A Spectacular Wedding Exhibition on 12th and 13th September 2015 At Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Ludhiana.

Life Events Presents North India’s Biggest & Most Sought after Exhibition on Fashion, Jewellery & Lifestyle.
It is said that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on the earth. And indeed it is so true, Marriage-an institution that blinds two individuals into a bond that is sacred, pure and eternal - what starts off as a formal exchange of vows, grows into a deeper, meaningful conversion and discovery of soul mates in each other.

A marriage or wedding ceremony is a special occasion and requires that special touch.Wedding ceremonies have always been known for their elaborative and ritualistic nature. As most of the indian religious regard acquires dual importance in the Indian context . For Indians, celebration of wedding in a family is an epitome of their pride, honour and joy. That is why the trend of grandiose and ostentatious wedding ceremonies have caught the attention of the people in the country.

Even the middle class people go far beyond their capacities to make their wedding ceremony pompous and extravagant; one can easily imagine the display of luxuries in elite Indian wedding. They spend a fortune on weddings, shopping and gaiety especially in the northern India." This is the time when the people in north get to brashly show off. Being a North Indian means living a gregarious lifestyle and it shows in their marriage too,"

Wedding are not a lavish affair involving the fashion industry, health and beauty product manufacturers, wedding service providers, the hospitality sector, event management companies, tour and travel agencies, and wedding entertainment organizers among others. it is precisely because of this reason that LIFE EVENTS brings forth its Extravagant, Power Packed and the most Exclusive exhibition at one of the most prosperous cities of North India i.e. Ludhiana. The exhibition is being organized to cater the large number of prospective brides and grooms-to be and their friends and relations.

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